Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Drawing my family

First day of class,
  each student gets a piece of paper. The asignment is to draw his/her family. They will decide the background (at home, outside their house, at the beach, etc) to be drawn and the way they will do it.

Cristina A.

Cristina C.

     The poit of this exercise is to find out the way they draw and colour a picture. The teacher will grade the composition, perspective, proportion, colours used, etc.

As a 12 year old student usally makes several basic mistakes, this is a good way to spot them and explain what they will have to improve. They will learn all these items during the school year.

For example: The big sun on a corner of the paper, huge trees on the mountains, wrong perspective of a house,  short arms and a big head, etc.

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