Sunday, 16 October 2016

Watercolour collage landscape

   After explaining the different watercolour techniques (wet-in-wet, wash, dry brush, rubbing alcohol, salt, scraping, etc.), the students will freely practicepainting with the watercolours.

   Once they have a good understanding of all the possibilities that watercolor can create, they will create their Lanscape:
  1. Before we start the strips of paper have to be torn. Use a watercolour paper.
  2. They will paint the strips of paper to represent textured parts of a landscape
  3. Each students will paint between 7-8 strips of paper to use within their landscape and combine it with colored construction paper to complete the finished work. 

Art at Becker Middle School

Friday, 14 October 2016

positive and negative shapes.

 A shape will be either:
  • Positive. Term to describe the figure or subject. 
  • Negative. Term to describe the background.
  But, not always is it easy to distinguish the difference. Look at the examples of the contrast and ambiiguity of positive and negative shapes given below:

yin yang
Shigeo Fukada

    This project helps to understand the concept of positive and negative shape, as well as teaching them the symmetry concept.

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