Thursday, 4 October 2018

How to draw ... a comic stirp

A comic is a narrative structure based on two features: language and image. We can define a comic as a sequence of images which tell a story with the aid of a text.

How to make a comic strip (wiki) 

1. Writing a script (story, format, etc)
2. Flesh out your characters
3. Drawing your Comic
4. Print and publish your comic

Make beliefs comix. Online eductional comic generator.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Red colour

Look for red and take a picture!!!!

Nena Baudil

Paula Grados

Kevin Hurtado

Laura Ducat
Marta Pastor

Valeria Pulido

Aitor Galindo

Monday, 6 November 2017

Photo Contest: Cala Bona, a fishing village

old postcard of Cala Bona
     We have organized a nice walk to Cala Bona's Harbour. There, all the students will participate in a Photo Contest.

Current days
  1.  A picture of the Harbour
  2.  Portrait of a fisherman.
  3.  A fishing boat or a group of boats.
  4.  Tools or fishing equipment.
  5.  Fishes, selfish, etc.
  6.  Pollution (at the beach or sea pollution)
  7.  Portrait of a tourist or a group of tourists.
  8.  Lighthouse (one, both or a close up)
  9.  A group's Selfie.
  10.  An extra picture (If there is something that has surprised you, just take the picture) 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Camera shots

     There are a number of standardized camera shots (or frames), the names of which are commonly derived from varying camera-subject distances.

     This camera shots are:
  • the long shot: plano general
  • the full shot: plano entero
  • the medium full shot (also known as American shot because of its frequent use in westerns. This was because a shot that started at knee level would reveal the weapon of a cowboy, usually holstered at his waist): Plano Americano
  • the medium shot: plano medio
  • the close-up: primer plano
  • the extreme close up: primerĂ­simo primer plano o plano detalle
There are other variants, such as the medium close up (between medium and close up), etc.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

9 photo composition tips

The photographer Steve McCurry gives us 9 photo compositon tips. 
Let's see them: