Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Onomatopeia project

Onomatopoeia. Is an enviromental sound presented without ballons, in bold or 3D text in upper case. Sometimes it has exclamations points. This is a method of drawing attention to text, it often highlights onomatopeia and reinforces the impact of words such as Bang or Wow.

To explain this exercise it is interesting to look at some artworks by the Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Watch the following tutorial: Drawing an onomatopeya.

Let's create our Artwork
  1. We start by doing the lettering and colouring it in (using one colour). Then we will cut it out carefully.
  2. The next step is to collage an entire sheet of paper using newspapers, old dictionary pages, etc. Then to draw a shape, such as an explosion or a cloud, on the back, and cut it out.
  3. Finally they will glue their shape onto a new sheet of coloured paper, they cut it out, leaving a border. Then they glued that onto ANOTHER sheet of paper, then glued their word on top.

Onomatopoeia Art: We started by talking about what onomatopoeia are, then we spend some time looking at some comic books, and some artwork by Litchenstein, Next, I showed the class a short video from the original Batman movie, and had them call out the onomatopoeias that flashed on the screen.:

Created by Artisan des arts

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