Monday, 13 January 2014

Symmetry and printing.

Today we are going to work with symmetry and temperas. 

The material we will need is:
  • Temperas
  • Paper
  • Brushes
Important: You can only paint on one side of the paper. If the tempera got dry, paint again on the same spot, never on the stamped one. The interesting effect is to see the difference between one side and the other.

1. You will fold your paper in half, and then draw just the half of an image on it. Before the tempera dries you will fold the paper and press, so the tempera will transfer to the other half of the paper and make a whole image!!!
Joan P.
Ainoha R.

Beatriz Medina

Emelin Reyna
 2. You will fold the paper in half and draw any image you want. Once you fold the paper you will have a duplicate of your drawing. This technique is interesting for abstract paintings.

Luz María

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