Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Working with ... Organic and Geometric Shapes

     For this exercise each student has to choose an Organic and a Geometric Shape. They have to be easy shapes to recognize, because we are going to work with the silhouettes.

Example of Shapes:
  • Organic: fish, tree, flower, apple, person, etc
  • Geometric: key, knife, car, candel, scissors, etc.
  1. Draw the silhouettes on a card.
  2. Cut the shapes out.
  3. Get a new white paper.
  4. Use the shapes as a stencil and draw several times the organic shape all over a the paper. It can be half shape on the sides.
  5. Now, do the same with the geometric shape. The interesting part of the composition is to draw one shape over the other.
  6. Re-trace with black ink ( 0'4), and erase the pencil once it is dry.
  7. Colour each piece in a different colour. For the background use a new colour (grey, black,...).

The result will be a colourful composition. Check the examples of other students:

Stencil shapes

Irene R.

Xavi M.

It can also be coloured this way, and it will look more realistic.

Magdalena F.

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