Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Imaginary animal.

     Each student has to create an imaginary animal. It is important that this animal has not been designed before.The drawing has to be completed by the following ittems:
  • Name of their creation
  • Character (agressive, kind, funny, shy, etc)
  • What does it eat (stones, clouds, humans, etc.)
  • Where does it live ( inside the earth, in your pocket, etc.)
Examples of my students creations

Guillem A.

 It's a dangerous animal, because it can handle the time and his eye attack could be mortal. It lives in deserted cementeries and eats spirits.
Joan P.

 Aurius is peacefull and only eats mushrooms. IHe lives in a strange planet.
Pau G.

The Devil Monsters live in an island of Hawai. They are salvages, but kind. They like to eat fresh fish or meat.
Rocío G.

Alandalol lives on the clouds and eats apples. She is very nice and shy.
Celine Z.

Bird Diamnond is always smiling. He lives in a cave and can not go outside, because he can not stand the light. he eats diamonds and stones.

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